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Our projects focus on training women in South Sudan to heal trauma, reduce violence, hosting events to promote women's rights in Canada, South Sudan, and providing employment workshops for newcomer women in Canada to enhance their knowledge in job searching, working environment ...

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Annual Report

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Oct 2019 - Oct 2021

Canadian African Muslim Women Association (CAMWA) and Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan (W4W) have partnered with Acomi to support visible minority women to engage and sustain meaningful employment. 

Wau, South Sudan

2018 - 2019

"Rebuilding from Within" is a 1-year project including the 3-day Trauma Healing Workshop in Wau, South Sudan. The workshop was designed through collaboration between Manitoba Women for Women South Sudan (MW4WSS in short-W4W) and its partners: the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Justice Peace and Reconciliation Commission (ECSS/JPRC) and Women of St. Mary’s Association, Wau, South Sudan.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

December 1, 2017

South Sudanese women peace leaders in Canada to address gender-based violence and women’s empowerment as part of KAIROS’ seven-city No Más II tour. In Winnipeg, Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan co-organized this event with KAIROS and other Community Partners at South Sudanese Cultural Center, on Friday, December 1, 2017.


International Women's Day 2020

MW4WSS hosted the International Women's Day 2020 Celebration Event.

Go for the Goals 2020

MW4WSS participated in Go for the Goals Event hosted by MCIC.

Women's March 

MW4WSS participated in Women's March 2020 - March for Our Human Rights.

SSYC 2018
Basketball Tournament

MW4WSS participated in the Basketball Tournament hosted by the University of Alberta.

SSYC 2018
BBQ Event

MW4WSS participated in the BBQ event hosted by the University of Alberta.

SSYC 2018

MW4WSS participated in the Conference hosted by the University of Alberta.

International Women Day 2018

MW4WSS hosted the International Women's Day 2018 at Sudanese Community Centre.

March 2018

MW4WSS participated in Commission on the Status of Women hosted by the UN Women

Other Events

Other events that MW4WSS hosted or participated. 

Posters, Brochures, Flyers

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