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The third Donation to Winnipeg Harvest completed on Manitoba Day.

Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan (#MW4WSS) has started the Third Call to its members one week before the #GivingTuesday (May 5, 2020).

The third donation accomplished on #ManitobaDay. Another 136 lbs of food items delivered to Winnipeg Harvest, raising the total donated food to 305 lbs.

The Campaign Operation Team was planning for the Thrid Call before the GivingTuesday.

The success of the second time with double the amount of donation from the first time inspired the Food Donation Campaign Operation Team to start the Third Call. The plan for volunteers to collect food or buy groceries was made with the flexibility to maximize the amount of contributed food.

Many small packages of food items come from MW4WSS's members at every corner of Winnipeg city as the responses to the call. The team collected 136 lbs of food items in two weeks. In the afternoon of the Manitoba Day (May 12, 2020), the food was ready to deliver to Winnipeg Harvest.

As of May 12, 2020, Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan has collected and donated to Winnipeg Harvest 305 lbs of food items.

Keep updated about MW4WSS's Food Donation Campaign at this link.

Please join MW4WSS to support Winnipeg Harvest to share food with hungry people and their families.

According to Winnipeg Harvest, these are the top 10 most-wanted Food Items: 1. Canned fruit veggies 2. Pasta 3. Vegetarian bouillon cubes 4. Boxes of instant oatmeal 5. Peanut butter 6. Canned soup 7. Rice 8. Canned tuna or chicken 9. Dry lentils 10.Pasta sauce


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