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Support Winnipeg Harvest to bring more food to Manitobans

Food Bank faces volunteer and food donation shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan responds to the call of Winnipeg Labour Council to join the "Harvesting @ a Distance" campaign to support Winnipeg Harvest during this tough time.

If you see this message, let's join us to support Manitobans who need food at most, Please labelled your food donation with #StrongerTogether and #MW4WSS

MW4WSS has started to call its members to donate food to Winnipeg Harvest through the "Harvesting @ a Distance" form created by Winnipeg Labour Council. Food donated from people live in an apartment is gathered in one specific place for volunteers easy to pick up. MW4WSS also accepts cash donation through Paypal or e-transfer to so its volunteers can buy food on behalf of donors.

Yesterday, MW4WSS succeeded in delivering the first-time donation to Winnipeg Harvest through the support of the Winnipeg Labour Council. MW4WSS hopes its members can donate more food in the near future.

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