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South Sudan confirmed case 46th of COVID-19

On May 3, 2020, South Sudan announces a new case confirmed positive with COVID-19 over the 205 individuals tested.

The new case is 41-year-old South Sudanese in Juba. He is in stable condition and is being treated in John Garang Infectious Disease Centre right now.

The High-Level Taskforce on COVID-19 Pandemic is coordinating with relevant government institutions to direct and support home quarantines. According to the High-Level Taskforce, South Sudan has received 17 ventilators from the pledge by the United Nations' Development Programme. (source)

Latest Updates:

  • May 3: 1 new case (source)

  • May 1: 10 new cases (source)

  • April 30: 1 new case (source)

  • April 28: 28 new cases found in Juba (source)

  • April 26: 1 new case found in Juba (source)

  • April 24: 1 new case found in Juba (source)

  • April 10: 1 new case (source)

  • April 9: 1 new case (source)

  • April 7: 1 new case (source)

  • April 5: first case (source)

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