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Justice for Black Lives Rally

On Friday evening, June 5, 2020, the peaceful rally was called to show solidarity of Black Communities and allies. Responded to the incident that occurred with George Floyd, African and Indigenous leaders came together to continue the fight to historic discrimination with the help of allies from all backgrounds.

Thousands of people from many communities and ethnicities gathered at the Manitoba Legislative Building to show the desire to eliminate racism and discrimination in Canada. Besides posters, organizers gave detailed guidelines for protesters to ensure the rally safety succeeded. Gloves and face masks also provided to those who needed them.

"It was inspiring to participate in the protest yesterday. I was overwhelmed with the numbers of people who just kept coming and coming. Thanks for the invitation to join you. Let's join together to fight racism and make lasting change.", one of MW4WSS's allies commented.

The rally began at 6:00 pm with speeches from many leaders in the communities. Then the march #Justice4Blacklives, #BlackLivesMatter, #HumanRace started at the Manitoba Legislative Building and ended at the Forks. The event successfully finished with thousands of participants and zero violence.

"It was inspired to see the tune out from all walks of life in Winnipeg. All my life in Winnipeg, I have never seen that big rally! It was amazing how much people are fed up with racism not only black peoples but also for those who want the change. As one of the guest speakers said, if you want to see change, be a part of it. I think most Winnipeggers want to see changes!", one of MW4WSS' Board Members expressed.

Being a part of the African Community and an organization for women, Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan (#MW4WSS) has strongly supported this event. We are aware of the need to unify all races and voices of peace to protect human rights, especially women's rights. As it will require all people to be changed, and that takes time to work on it together to be tolerant of tribalism, racism and all other forms of dehumanized people. Now and then, we are continuing to work closely with our allies, supporters along the road to empowering women, protecting human rights, especially women's rights.

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