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Drumming for Peace from Winnipeg to South Sudan

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

A fundraiser to support women working with women to build from within. Supporting basic workshop training designed to heal and build community capacity, respond to wide-spread trauma, promote inter-connectivity, and reduce women’s isolation from important support networks.

Community Gathering/Celebration (4pm-8pm)

  1. Blessing from a South Sudanese pastor

  2. South Sudanese Visual Artist

  3. Peaceful Village – drumming group

  4. Community Sharing your story – South Sudanese youth

  5. Audience joins in - lead dancers teach steps

  6. Community Sharing your story - Speaker - South Sudanese family (#W4W)

  7. Video – youth/mixed voices – refugee camp experience – with messages of hope

  8. Indigenous drumming group – Southern Thunderbird Women's Drum Group

  9. Drummer

  10. South Sudanese Singer

Dancing for Peace (9pm-12am)

  1. DJ Music

  2. Dancing

  3. Cash bar

#supportwomen, #W4W, #drumming, #SouthSudan

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