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Dr. Zita Zimakoko will come to IWD2020 event!

We are pleased to have Dr. Zita Zimakoko as our special guest speaker in the IWD2020 event which celebrates the International Women's Day and welcome peace in South Sudan.

Dr. Zita Zimakoko

She founded Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence movement in Manitoba after the senseless and horrible murders of two women in Winnipeg at the hands of their intimate partners (husband and common law) in October 2015. She then organized the very first forum conversation on breaking the silence on violence against women in Manitoba in November 2015, to begin a conversation with our government, religious and community leaders about breaking our silence on violence against women and girls in our province.

Since then Deborah-Zita has held numerous and various awareness events against violence against women and girls throughout Manitoba.

Dr. Deborah-Zita Somakoko is a mother, an advocate, an international public speaker, a business owner and God Servant.

As an empowerment speaker and advocate, Deborah-Zita is very proactive and dynamic in her presentation and delivery of her message to the global community. She speaks candidly about the issues of violence and abuse against women and girls with an emphasis on empowering individuals who are victims and survivors of abuse. She offers a unique perspective on the issues and complexities of family violence and abuse and she believes that the survivors are the teachers who carry the message of education, awareness and empowerment to the global community.

Dr. Deborah-Zita’s frank speaking style and combine well with her insights and experiences offering the audience many levels of points to ponder."

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