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COVID-19: 28 new cases confirmed in South Sudan

Dr. Thuou Loi Cingoth, the health ministry’s spokesperson, has confirmed 28 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, raising the total number in the country to 34 cases.

Dr. Loi said that 28 people in Juba, who have been in close contact with the fifth case, were tested positive to coronavirus. Vice President Riek Machar will provide more details about the new cases. 

The surge concerns about spreading the illness within the community have been raised. South Sudanese government increased measures to address the outbreak last month. However, the most effective ways to protect the Sudanese people and fight against COVID-19 are increasing personal hygiene, and keep social distancing.

Latest Updates:

  • April 28: 28 new cases found in Juba (source)

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  • April 5: first case (source)

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