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COVID-19 pandemic causes a significant increase of Manitoba food bank users, while Winnipeg Harvest faces volunteer and food donation shortages. 

Belongs to the community in Manitoba, Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan Inc. decides to respond to the needs of Manitobans. 


How to Help

You are invited to join us by the following methods:

  • You can donate food to Winnipeg Harvest through "Harvesting @ a Distance" supported by Winnipeg Labour Council, United Way Winnipeg's Labour Program and the Winnipeg labour movement (See top 10 most-wanted food items). Fill in this form and volunteers will come to pick up. ​ 

  • You want to help but do not have time to buy needed food, we can help. Please donate through Paypal.


How It Works

1a. You got Food

2a. Sign up for

"Harvesting @ a Distance"

3. Volunteers pick up

1b. Donate through

Paypal / E-transfer

2b. MW4WSS collects food from Members and

uses money from Donors to buy food

4. Delivery to Food Bank Users


Most-Wanted Food Items

According to Winnipeg Harvest, these are the top 10 most-wanted Food Items: 

  1. Canned fruit veggies

  2. Pasta

  3. Vegetarian bouillon cubes

  4. Boxes of instant oatmeal

  5. Peanut butter

  6. Canned soup

  7. Rice

  8. Canned tuna or chicken

  9. Dry lentils

  10. Pasta sauce



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